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MR B SuperToy and Anti-Colic Warmer

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Why Mr B is called a SuperToy? Because it has many super powers! Mr B will warm your little one's belly to help cope with colic, his contrasting colours and crinkly parts will help developing babies' senses through play. And he's perfect for cuddling!

Mr B has been design with babies in mind: it's lightweight, with hands and feet easy to grip by little hands, contrasting colours to stimulate babies sight, tags and crinkly parts to play with.

The Mr B SuperToy is the answer to the growing awareness of parents about the development of infants and the proper stimulation of their senses by combining black, white and red colours, tags and sound-producing elements.
It is safe and complies with the requirements of EU directives. The heater can be used as soon as the umbilical stump falls off. Read the instructions on the packaging before use.

Using Mr B is also a great introduction to baby massage.

The secret of Mr B is the salt cartridge, which after bending the stick heats up to a temperature of 54 degrees C.  Thanks to the insulating pocket on the back of Mr B, the temperature lasts up to an hour. And the heating insert is reusable!
After use, simply boil the refill according to the instructions on the packaging. The insert is non-toxic, safe and most importantly - it does not cause burns, as can be the case with popular methods of heating the tummy with a hair-dryer or a hot water bottle.

  • Size: 29 cm (without legs)
  • Can be used as soon as the umbilical stump falls off
  • Mr B has a reusable heating insert
  • Helps with baby colic
  • Contrasting colours will stimulate babies' sight
  • Colourful tags and crinkly foot will keep your little one occupied
  • Made of soft plush stuffed with hypoallergenic non-woven fabric.
  • EU directives compliant
  • Made in Poland

The heating insert is not a toy itself! It can only be used with adult supervision. Remember to always remove the warmer from the case after use. Mr B without the heating insert can be used as a toy.

Protect the warmer from scratching or perforating. Do not use the warmer after it is no longer hermetically sealed.

Never put the activated heating pad directly on baby's skin. Use only with Mr B.

Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher.

How to activate the heating pad:

  1. To activate the pad, bend the stick (activator) placed inside the heating pad (do not break it).
  2. Repeat a few times until the gel starts to crystallise.
  3. Wait until the gel is fully crystallised. The pad becomes hot after a few minutes.
  4. Place the activated heating pad inside Mr B.
  5. Position Mr B on the child’s belly.
  6. After the pad cools down, you can make it usable again by boiling it in water for approx. 10 minutes (until all the salt crystals are dissolved).
  7. You can cover the pad using cloth while boiling.
  8. Finally, leave the heating pad to cool down at a room temperature or put it into cold water. When cooled down, it will be ready to re-use.


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