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Mini Octopus Rattle

Mom's Care

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Mini Octopus is a sensory toy that has been carefully thought through. Before they are born, babies keep grabbing the umbilical cord. Octopus's tentacles remind them of the environment they've spent their last 9 months in. Putting Octopus next to your little one helps them feel safe and secure, especially in the first months of their lives.

High contrasting colours help babies to pick out the differences in shapes and patterns, which stimulates their visual development.

Rattles are a great way for babies to experiment with sounds they can make themselves. They also help the hand-eye coordination development.

  • Size: 7 x 23 cm (approx. 2.7 x 9 in);
  • High contrast toy;
  • Sensory toy;
  • Suitable from birth;
  • Designed and made in Poland.

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