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Green Clay Powder Montmorillonite


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Do you have an oily skin type? Is your complexion grey and tired? This Green Clay can help with that!

Montmorillonite Green Clay is the most powerful from all three Lullalove's Clays. It's perfect for oily, combination and congested skin types. It helps purify and balance excess oils, while hydrating and regenerating skin. Clay mask is antibacterial, absorbs toxins and smoothes the skin.

Clay mask can be used at any age, even by people with sensitive skin.

Montmorillonite clay comes as a dry powder, so you'll use only the amount you actually need every time and you don't need to worry that the remaining clay will go to waste.  

  • Size: 120 g;
  • Ingredients: 100% natural green clay;
  • Suitable for Vegans;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • Made in Poland

How To Use:

Simply add water (preferably cool boiled water) - start with 1 tbsp of clay and few drops of water - until you get a thick paste. 

Use ceramic bowl to prepare clay. Do not mix it with metal objects.

Apply thick layer of clay on clean dry face and leave for 15 minutes. If clay starts to dry out sooner, spray it with water or apply wet compress.

Rinse with warm water.

You can add 1-2 drops of 100% essential oils, eg. Lavender Oil, or you can add Avocado Oil or Argan Oil.

Clay will give best results when used 2-3 times per week, depending on skin reaction.


Do not use on open wounds.

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