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Free UK Shipping on all orders over £40
OLEIQ - Simple Skin Care-Eko Kids

OLEIQ - Simple Skin Care

Organic cosmetics that are created out of passion and respect for the environment, based on proven, natural raw materials from certified organic farming. What's most important, they are safe, healthy for the skin and effective.

OLEIQ offers hydrolates and natural oils, the effects of which have been known and proven for centuries. They have soothing and calming properties and also help keep skin hydrated.

Simple skin care is based on the perfect combination of hydrolate and oil. 

OLEIQ hydrolates - floral essential waters - have extraordinary properties, thanks to which they can be used by people with all skin and hair types. Depending on the main ingredient, hydrolates can refresh, reduce puffiness, soothe irritations, moisturize, tone nourish and strengthen.

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