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Free UK Shipping on all orders over £40
MOM'S CARE | Eko Kids


Mom's Care is a Polish brand producing contrast and sensory toys for babies and toddlers for the last 36 years.

All toys are designed and made in Poland, from quality materials meeting European certification standards. Mom's Care team makes sure all toys are safe for babies - since the production is based in Poland, they can control it every step of the way.

From the very first days newborns need carefully selected items to help develop their senses. At the beginning, babies are able to see only black and white colours, after that - red, and later other colours. That's why black, white & red contrasting toys are so important during first months.

Stimulating visual development is not the only thing that matters. It is important to provide stimulation to all the senses, through sound (crinkle toys, rattles etc) and touch (different textures). Mom's Care products are designed to help baby development in those aspects.

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